About the Training

This training is required for anyone who would like to volunteer with the Children’s Ministry or Youth Ministry at Zion United Methodist Church. Servant-Volunteers should be members of Zion Church and be regularly attending for at least six months. All Servant-Volunteers must also provide contact information for three references that are not related to them. One of those references must be from outside the Zion congregation. Along with completing this training, you must also complete the “Servant-Volunteer Profile”, sign the covenant (written out below), go online to complete the Pa Criminal History check and PA Child Abuse Clearances, and complete the FBI Report Waiver or FBI Criminal History Report. Servant-Volunteers must also complete the Driver Disclosure Form if they are going to be transporting any students to off campus events. More information on these additional documents can be found under the “Important Paperwork” tab of this website.

Just to give a little bit of history about this training, the General Conference of the United Methodist Church adopted the resolution, Reducing the Risk of Child Abuse in the Church in 1996. The General Board of Discipleship identified Safe Sanctuaries as a policy that would reduce the risk of abuse within the church for children, youth, and adults.

Zion Church established this “Children and Youth Abuse Prevention Policy” and its related procedures and documents so that they could demonstrate and implement unwavering commitment to the physical and emotional safety of children and youth as well as their spiritual growth within the ministries of Zion Church.

Zion United Methodist Church has a Statement of Covenant that states “We will be examples of Jesus Christ and do ministry in His name in ways that assure the safety and spiritual growth of the children and youth as well as all the Servant-Volunteers who participate in the ministries of Zion Church. We will follow reasonable safety measures in all our ministries and events. We will educate and train all of our Servant-Volunteers who work with children and youth regarding the use of appropriate policies and methods of teaching and leading--including first aid and discipline measures. We will have a clearly defined procedure for reporting any suspected incident of abuse that conforms to the requirements of the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We will be prepared to respond to the needs of any victim and his/her family and the congregation if an incident occurs”

Parents will always have advance notice and full information regarding any and all ministries and events in which their children or youth will be participating. Written permission must be provided for all children and youth to participate in special ministries and events.